Darwin Talks 達盈·大贏家論壇

活動時間:2018/11/16 (五)
論壇地點:台北W Hotel 8樓 綺麗廳
台北市忠孝東路五段10號 (捷運市政府站2號出口)


We are pleased to invite you to the Darwin Talks on November 16th in Taipei, Taiwan. The forum will be held at W Hotel Taipei in order to present status updates of Darwin’s portfolio companies as well as business insights of related industries. We will be extremely delighted if you can join us at this important event for Darwin Venture.

Please note that this is an exclusive “Invitation-Only” private event. Advance reservations are required. Please RSVP by registration at https://goo.gl/forms/u3D6QhRuwpP8R2p23


Morning Session
09:00~09:30  Check-in & Registration
09:30~09:45  Opening by Dr. Simon Fang (方頌仁), Darwin Venture Management
09:45~10:15  H.P. Lin (林孝平), M31
10:15~10:45  Dr. Liang Chen (陳良毓), eJoule
10:45~11:00  Coffee & Tea Break
11:00~11:30  Dr. Jessy Kang (康仕仲), Jubo
11:30~12:00  CK Cheng (鄭兆剛) , AsiaYo

Lunch Break
12:00~13:15  Luncheon

Afternoon Session
13:15~13:45  Mark Wang (王嘉煌), Winway
13:45~14:15  Justin Su (蘇義添), Partilink
14:15~14:45  Kenny Su (蘇柏州),Kdan
14:45~15:15  Coffee & Tea Break
15:15~15:45  Dr. Steven D Lin (林道隆), Spirit Scientific
15:45~16:15  TK Chen (陳庭寬), FunNow


click the site of  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScqpZO-0rJYRlLm3dCJXX9T80rlbWRp9WT6Wpg7PYG13AX3Sw/viewform to register.