Darwin Ventures July Event: Tech Beat Shizuoka 2024

Darwin Ventures continues to deepen our investments and business collaborations in Japan.

In July 2024, we are organizing a group of our Japanese and Taiwanese companies to participate in Tech Beat Shizuoka 2024, hosted by Shizuoka Bank. The event will be held from July 25th to 27th at the Shizuoka Convention & Arts Center, Grandship.

Tech Beat Shizuoka is a large-scale event organized by Shizuoka Bank to connect major corporations with startups in the Shizuoka Prefecture.

Over 120 startups are slated to attend the three-day event and engage in business matchmaking with sponsoring companies and institutional investors, yielding tremendous partnerships and expansion opportunities.

Darwin will co-exhibit with our startup partners, including:

1. ProfectAI: World-class industrial AutoML software that enables enterprises to quickly develop, deploy, and launch AI applications.
2. Kdan: Workflow and data solutions necessary for enterprise digital intelligence.
3. Jubo: Intelligent solutions that drastically improve the efficiency and efficacy of elderly care.
4. Yourator: A comprehensive career platform created for the new generation of workers.
5. 3DPC: One-stop intelligent manufacturing services combining simulation and additive manufacturing to enable alternative supply chains.
6. Omnieyes: Fleet management solutions centered on edge AI computing and imaging.
7. Carota: One-stop software service for full-vehicle OTS upgrades and intelligent remote diagnostics.

We sincerely invite you to join Darwin and our startups partners for further exchanges.

Tech Beat Shizuoka 2024 and Visitor Registration:https://techbeat.jp/tech-beat-shizuoka-2024/