Chaochi Chang Entrepreneur in Residence

Chaochi Chang received his BS degree from NTU CSIE department, MS in CS and MS in Media Arts and Sciences (MAS) from SUNY Stony Brook and MIT respectively. Chaochi has worked for Groundhog Technologies Inc. on mobile network optimization solution, Trend Micro Inc. on computer security solution, and France Telecom Orange Lab on mobile interface/experience research.

In late 2011, Chaochi founded Flirq, Inc. - an Internet & Software dating service giving women the full control of date seeking and matching process, and received seed investment from DreamIt Ventures and Startup Labs. Flirq is one of the most active dating services in Taiwan now. In early 2013, Chaochi co-founded Call Saver - a mobile app publisher working on utility and security apps. Call Saver’s main app - Call Saver Easy Customer Support (Call Saver 客服省錢通) - has ranked top in utility app category (iPhone) and the newest communication app category (Android) in mid 2013 and still one of the most popular Made in Taiwan apps.

Chaochi joined Darwin in Feb 2014 and will work on discovering startups with great potentials to grow in Internet & Software/mobile app/cloud and related fields.