M31 and Macroblock work together to deploy the global LED driver IC market

Hsinchu, Taiwan, -- March 7, 2018

Source: https://www.design-reuse.com/news/43688/m31-macroblock-led-driver-ic.html

M31 Technology Corporation (Taiwan stock code: 6643), a global Silicon Intellectual Property (IP) boutique, and Macroblock Inc. (Taiwan stock code: 3527), the world's leading LED driver provider, today announced to establish their long-term partnership. Macroblock will continue adopting M31’s unique low-power IP solutions for its development of LED Driver IC to actively deploy various LED display screens and LED lighting markets in the world.

Ted Chang, VP of sales at M31 Technology, said: "Macroblock is a world-leading LED driver provider with its products widely used in LED display and LED lighting applications. M31 Technology is honored to have been Macroblock IP partner in providing the Low Power Cell Library and High Density Single Port SRAM since 2013. Our long-term relationship will continue in the future".

Jack Lin, Director of Products Development Division at Macroblock, said: "Technology innovation and quality improvement are Macroblock’s emphasis and commitment to our customers. LED driver ICs are designed to focus on efficiency of low power, high speed, and environment-friendly power saving. M31 low power IP solutions provide all these necessary features and performance, in efficiency, area, reliability, and life cycle for a competitive LED driver IC”.

M31 low-power IP, such as Low Power Cell Library and power saving Green Memory Compiler, offers its customer-specific customized and optimized low-power IP solutions.

‧ Low Power Cell Library, includes High Density 6/7-Track Standard Cell Library and General Purpose 9-Track Standard Cell Library, each of them has its related Low Power Design Kit (LPKT), and Power Management Kit (PMK), to help to reduce dynamic power and static leakage.

‧ Green Memory Compiler, includes One Port Register File (1PRF), Two Port Register File (2PRF), High Density Single Port SRAM Compiler, High Density Dual Port SRAM Compiler, and High Density VIA ROM Compiler. All these memory compilers are fully featured, supporting multiple power saving modes. Based on design requirements, a designer is able to pick and choose the most optimized power-saving mode to compile a memory, for the purpose of long-lasting battery life which is most often needed by mobile devices.

ABOUT M31 Technology

M31 Technology Corporation is a leading silicon intellectual property (IP) provider. The company was founded in July, 2011 with its headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan. M31’s strength is in its R&D and customer services. With substantial successful experiences in IP development, IC design and electronic design automation fields, M31 focuses on high-speed interface IP, memory compilers, standard cell library and ESD/IO library solutions. For more information please visit www.m31tech.com

ABOUT Macroblock Inc.

Macroblock was founded in June, 1999 in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and positions itself as a mixed-signal IC design house with special focus on power management and opto-electronic applications. Macroblock is a leading LED driver provider and with the focus on LED driver design which contributes to ultimate LED performance for LED display, backlighting, and lighting applications. With its continuous technology innovation, world-widely, Macroblock has been successfully marketed it solutions to more than 500 customers and ranked as number 3 vendor in LED driver market by IMS Research in 2010.” For more information please visit www.mblock.com.tw