Andrew Yang Director of Corporate Development

Andrew joined Darwin Venture Management in 2022. He comes from the diplomacy world, where he served with Nobel Laureate Prof. YT Lee in the International Science Council, and then joined Taiwan’s Presidential Office in 2016 as foreign policy speechwriter to the president and vice president. In a career pivot, Andrew entered the startup world. He joined the venture capital arm of the renowned Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), and also co-founded the Presentality agency to help startups and public companies craft their fundraising and communication strategy, successfully raising over $100m in funding.

In 2020, Andrew also worked with industry leaders from Wistron, Qisda, Fubon, etc. to start the Taiwan Renaissance Platform, utilizing white papers and summits to promote corporate venture capital in Taiwan.

Andrew grew up in Taiwan, Europe and the United States, and speaks English, Mandarin, French, and German. He received his B.A. in International Affairs from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and his M.A. in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School.