Wii Hsiao Entrepreneur in Residence

Wii brings decades of practical experience in restaurant technology, passionately working to advance this field. In 2007, he embarked on his O2O (Online-to-Offline) promotion journey by joining CallDoor, and then EZTABLE in 2011, and thereafter the innovative startup inline in 2018. Wii has spent decades driving the integration of online digital technologies into physical establishments, helping traditional industries digitally transform and upgrade.

The three startups he actively worked with were all in the early stages, with headcount in the single digits, where Wii's role as Business Development strategist drove market creation and business model innovation. AS a result, the three companies successfully reshaped markets in (1) e-coupon solutions, (2) Online Reservation systems, and (3) Tablet-based Table Management Systems. All three companies not only emerged as leading platforms for restaurant reservations but also successfully expanded into international markets after solidifying their presence in Taiwan.

Wii remains fiercely committed to technological innovation in the restaurant industry, and continually seeks new opportunities to help restaurants enhance efficiency, improve customer experience, and further O2O integration in the gastronomic sector.