Kazuaki Konno Japan Representative

Mr. Kazuaki Konno is a seasoned professional who brings experience across startups and large corporates in roles such as business development, strategy, and engineering.

Konno started his career as an R&D Engineer in the Powertrain Engineering Division at Nissan Motors, where he developed a new concept V6 petrol engine. He then joined the Boston Consulting Group, where he helped a major Japanese telecom company launch a new mobile phone service, and developed post-merger business strategies for a Japanese mega-bank.

Konno then joined mobility startup Terra Motors Corporation, where he led a wide range of operations including sales, product development, technology development, warehouse management, and customer relations.

He has also led the creation of a high school - N High School - as a part of Dwango, taking charge of its online learning system, content development, service planning, promotional work, etc.

Konno holds a Master's degree as well as Bachelor's degree, both in Mechanical Engineering and both from Tohoku University. He speaks Japanese and English.