Roy Lo Entrepreneur in Residence

Roy embarked on his career at Yahoo! as a software engineer, specializing in advanced e-commerce fraud detection algorithms. Transitioning to startup life, he joined Intowow, contributing to the programming of their mobile supply-side platform. With a strong background in software system design and development processes, Roy initiated his entrepreneurial journey in late 2015, founding Fitribe—an iOS app fostering community-driven weight loss.

In 2017, he ventured into conversational marketing, establishing BotBonnie, which successfully served numerous brands through impactful chat campaigns. Notably, a collaboration with Ogilvy for DynaFont garnered over 30K interactions and millions of clicks within three days, marking an industry milestone. The digital assistant bot developed for Audi Taiwan earned global recognition as one of Meta's successful cases in the 2018 F8 conference. In 2021, Appier, a leading AI unicorn in Taiwan, acquired BotBonnie, integrating it as an enterprise martech solution.

Joining Appier as a senior product director, Roy led BotBonnie's international expansion and spearheaded the integration of an internal marketing automation platform. His focus on next-gen omnichannel AI marketing automation solutions reflects his commitment to advancing the industry.With decades of immersion in conversational marketing, SaaS, and AI, Roy possesses expertise in software development, product design, and business development. His enduring passion for product strategy and innovation continues to drive his contributions to the software services field.